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Grandma Krazy

Updated: Jun 9, 2019

Grandma Krazy says "You write your own story, so do your best and let God do the rest."

My grandkids call me Grandma Krazy. Number 13 was just born a couple months ago. An adorable tiny baby girl named Collette. I wanted to write a #childrensbook for them. Something that was fun with words and had a couple new words they could learn. So, I sat down and wrote Bears, Bears Everywhere. I included a a reminder to my self and others to put a pause on screen time when the kids are around. It is so easy to only half listen when you are looking at a screen. You can miss some pretty great conversations that way.

My family at our daughters wedding

My actual name is Kathy Barnett Blomquist. As a teacher, foster parent, Cub Scout leader, and mother of nine I have always loved story time, especially those written in rhyme. I have lived all across the United States, and am currently residing in Laguna Niguel ,CA.

The family picture above is actually missing a few of us. My little family just keeps getting bigger and bigger!

As you can see my family comes in different shapes, sizes and colors!

They also come from different backgrounds. I love our diversity!

My oldest daughter died at age 26. My first born son died at the age of two months from SIDS. We adopted two of our children from #foster care and we have foster children who will always be part of our family. More on that at

The kids and grandkids at our annual memorial Bloomsday run in Spokane,Washington

Our daughter Emily died at the age of 26 from an accidental medication overdose. She lived in Spokane, Washington and loved the annual Bloomsday Run held there. Every year, as many of us as can make it, head to Spokane to run in her memory. The tradition includes breakfast at OLD E.

Kyle running with the running statues in Spokane

I have been involved in Cub Scouts for around 25 years. I love that program and the fun ways it teaches such valuable lessons to young children. The 12 points of the Scout Law and the Oath are concepts we should all live by. My three sons are all Eagle Scouts. Cory and Kyle are pictured below. Sorry Kristian I can't find yours :(

I still have kids at home. I have no desire to empty my nest on most days. But I have to admit, every now and again it does not sound that bad!

These are my boys. Cory, Kristian, Nils, Kyle, Zach

Cory Runs a Nursing Home facility in Bakersfield, Ca. Kristian is an Attorney in Park City, Ut. Nils is Kyle's Husband. He is German. Kyle and Nils are in Insurance in Phoenix, Arizona. Next to Kyle is my oldest Grandchild Zach. He comes with a very wonderful story I will share later.

Here are several of the grandkids. Easton is holding Blake, Ben, Scarlet, Jagger, Deacon and Noah holding Lucy

More of our family. This is Sidnee, Rick, Chloe, Angi and Leslie.

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