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Updated: Feb 19, 2022

A little boy looking out his window sees bears everywhere, There is a debonair bear, a bear with no hair, and a rather rare bear. But no one seems to be in despair. He wants to share with his mom about all the bears, but she is busy on the computer and hardly notices what he is saying. He wonders, "Why are all those bears out there?"

Full of rhyme and homophones, Big Bear Fair not only teaches young readers a new and bigger vocabulary but also reminds adults to pause from social media and enjoy and nurture their children in real time. Exchange that screen time for real world time with their family.

Readers will have fun with words that rhyme and words that sound the same but have different meanings. They will add a few new words to their vocabulary and use some real time imagination.

BIG BEAR FAIR Will be in the Las Vegas Book Festival on Oct 19th. It is ReBranded and RePublished! Updated illustrations and text! Same Wide Reading vocabulary stretches and fun with words! Vocabulary page added! Check it out on Amazon.

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